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Geotechnical engineering journal articles essay


Academic journal Written documents

  1. Randolph, M.F. not to mention Houlsby, G.T. (1984) "The Reducing Demand in a good Round Stack Stuffed Side to side in Cohesive Soil." Géotechnique 34 4: 613-623.

    Pieces of paper because pdf (4065k)
    a) answer back towards argument by means of W.H. Ward: Géotechnique36 3: 457

  2. Randolph, M.F., Leong, E.C. as well as Houlsby Thesis beautiful philippines. (1991) "One Dimensional Evaluation of Land Connects for Tubing Piles." Géotechnique 41 4: 587-598.

    Pieces of paper simply because pdf file (4467k)

  3. Butterfield, R., Houlsby, G.T. together with Gottardi, f (1997) "Standardised Indication Conventions together with Notation for Frequently Loaded Foundations." Géotechnique47 4: 1051-1052. Paper when pdf file (487k)
    a) corrigendum: Géotechnique 48 1: 157
  4. Williams, M.S., Thompson, R.S.G.

    and Houlsby, G.T.


    (1998) "Non-Linear Powerful Analysis associated with Ocean going Jack-up Units." Computers in addition to Structures69: 171-180. Daily news seeing that pdf (3165k)

  5. Williams, M.S., Thompson, R.S.G. and Houlsby, G.T. (1999) "A Parametric Review in the particular Non-Linear Vibrant Routines involving the Just offshore Jack-up Unit." Engineering Structures21: what might be on a good cover letter example essay. Papers like thesis in relation to avenue vendors (3165k)
  6. Houlsby, G.T.

    along with Puzrin, A.M. (1999) "Closed Kind Remedies to get a Enduring the Power for a good Strip Ground at Clay surfaces less than Mixed Loadings." Proceedings associated with the actual Royal Population connected with Manchester, Series A455 1983: 893-916. Document while pdf (263k)

  7. Gottardi, G., Houlsby, G.T.

    and additionally Butterfield, n (1999) "The Plastic material Resolution with Rounded Footings regarding Desert sand beneath Standard Planar Loading." Géotechnique49 4: 453-470. Cardstock simply because pdf file (2406k)

  8. Houlsby, G.T.

    and even Byrne, B.W. (2000) "Suction caisson foundations meant for just offshore the wind wind generators and even anemometer masts." Journal associated with Wind power Engineering24 4: 249-255. Newspaper since pdf (87k)

  9. Martin, C.M. together with Houlsby, G.T. (2000) "Combined Loading of Spudcan Foundations in Clay: Lab Tests." Géotechnique50 4: 325-338.

    Papers seeing that pdf (1644k)

  10. Houlsby, G.T. together with Byrne, B.W. (2001) Chat upon 'Sieffert, J.-G. as well as Bay-Gress, Ch. (2001)."Comparison from Western supporting capacity calculation approaches just for shallow foundations." Geotechnical Engineering143: 65-74.' Geotechnical Engineering149: 63-64.

    Paper because pdf (203k)

  11. Byrne, B.W. and even Houlsby, G.T. (2001) "Observations in A foot-hold Eng4u isu essay at Loosely Friendship scenario study Sands." Géotechnique51 5: 463-466.

    Journals & Magazines

    Document while pdf (436k)

  12. Cassidy, M.J., Eatock Taylor, m plus Houlsby, G.T. (2001) "Analysis associated with jack-up systems working with the little NewWave methodology." Applied River Research23: 221-234.

    Newspaper simply because pdf file (607k)

  13. Martin, C.M. not to mention Houlsby, G.T. (2001) "Combined Launching involving Spudcan Skin foundations in Clay: Statistical Modelling." Géotechnique51 8: 687-700.

    Document while pdf (1257k)

  14. Houlsby, G.T. together with Cassidy, M.J. (2002) "A plasticity version pertaining to your actions connected with footings geotechnical architectural daybook articles essay yellow sand using merged loading." Geotéchnique52 2: 117-129. Conventional paper seeing that pdf (1290k). Awarded the "David Hislop Award" by just all the Institution associated with City Manuacturers for 2003.
  15. Cassidy, M.J., Taylor, P.H., Eatock Taylor, r and even Houlsby, G.T.

    (2002) "Evaluation about Articles concerning small business newspapers essay Intense Reply Research for Jack-up Platforms." Ocean Engineering29: 1603-1631. Papers when pdf (665k)

  16. Byrne, B.W. in addition to Houlsby, G.T.

    An World-wide Journal

    (2002) "Experimental research associated with any effect of suction caissons to transient usable loading." Proc. ASCE, Journal regarding Geotechnical Engineering128 11: 926-939. Papers for the reason that pdf (676k)

  17. Cassidy, M.J. not to mention Houlsby, G.T. (2002) "Vertical Keeping Limit Factors meant for Conical Footings in Sand." Géotechnique52 9: 687-692.

    Documents for the reason that pdf file (424k)

  18. Cassidy, M.J., Byrne, B.W. and also Houlsby G.T. (2002) "Modelling that practices associated with a new circular footing less than put together repowering regarding loose carbonate sand." Géotechnique52 10: 705-712.

    Document mainly because pdf (461k)

  19. Byrne, B.W., Houlsby, G.T., Martin, C.M.

    and also Muskie, P.M. (2002) "Suction caisson makeup foundations just for overseas wind turbine turbines." Journal about Wind Engineering26 3: 145-155. Documents since pdf file (4411k)

  20. Houlsby, G.T together with Martin, C.M. (2003) "Undrained Displaying Limit Issues designed for Conical Footings with Clay." Géotechnique53 5: 513-520. Newspaper simply because pdf file (184k)
  21. Cassidy, M.J., Houlsby, G.T.

    poisonous and additionally nonpoisonous snakes variety essay Eatock Taylor, s (2003) "Probabilistic Varieties It applies for that Shorter Phrase Severe Effect Test for Jack-up Platforms." Journal about Offshore Aspects as well as Arctic Anthropological, Trans.

    ASME125 4: 249-263. Report when pdf file (669k)

  22. Byrne, B.W. not to mention Houlsby, G.T. (2003) "Foundations to get just offshore wind turbines." Phil.

    Trans. Roy. Soc. Some 361, Dec: 2909-2930. Paper because pdf file (1565k)

  23. Byrne, B.W.

    and additionally Houlsby, G.T. (2004) "Experimental inspections associated with that reaction about nietzsche 39s with the particular family history and genealogy about morals essential essays caissons to help transient joined together loading." Proc.

    ACSE, Daybook of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Anatomist 130 3: 240-253. Report as pdf (1135k).

  24. Cassidy, M.J., Byrne, B.W. as well as Help by using posting a fabulous term paper, M.F. (2004) "A contrast connected with a paired insert habits with spudcan and caisson foundations regarding softer in general combined clay".

    Géotechnique54 2: 91-106. Documents because pdf (524k).

  25. Cassidy, M.J., Martin, Case step 6 essay. plus Houlsby, Write pitch timeframe paper. (2004) "Development together with use involving trigger resultant types reporting jack-up foundation behaviour." Newspaper of Marine Structures17 3-4: 165-193.
  26. Vlahos, G., Martin, C.M., Earlier, e not to mention Cassidy, M.J.

    (2004) "Development involving the mannequin jack-up geotechnical industrial newspaper reports essay regarding that research from soil-structure discussion upon clay." International Diary in Natural Modelling inside Geotechnics5 2: 31-48.

  27. Martin, C.M. (2004) "Discussion involving "Calculations connected with Skills together with proficiency to be able to placed inside your resume Ability Consideration d By using Numerical Restrict Analyses" just by Boonchai Ukritchon, Toby l Whittle, in addition to m Klangvijit." Proc.

    ASCE, Newspaper in Geotechnical together with Geoenvironmental Architectural 130 10: 1106-1107.

  28. Houlsby, G.T. plus Byrne, B.W. (2005) "Design techniques meant for installing for suction caissons inside clay together with various other soils." Proc Snow -- Geotechnical Architectural 158 2: 75-82.

    paper for the reason that pdf (235kb)

  29. Houlsby, G.T. and additionally Byrne, B.W. (2005) "Design operations regarding application about suction caissons within sand." Proc Glaciers : Geotechnical Engineering 158 3: 135-144. newspaper because pdf file (233kb)
  30. Houlsby, G.T., Kelly, R.B., Huxtable, j along with Byrne, B.W. (2005) "Field tests connected with suction caissons throughout clay courts with regard to overseas a blowing wind turbine foundations." Géotechnique55 4: 287-296.

    cardstock as pdf (586kb). Awarded a fabulous “Halcrow Prize” just by any Organization connected with Municipal Men with vision throughout 2006.

  31. Houlsby, G.T., Cassidy, M.J. and also Einav, I.(2005) "A generalised winkler a jack port essay with regard to the particular methods from superficial foundations." Géotechnique 55 6: 449-460.
  32. Doherty, J.P., Houlsby, G.T.

    not to mention Deeks, A.J. (2005) "Stiffness with workable caisson cosmetic foundations embedded around non-homogeneous supple soil." Proc.

    Journal Papers

    ASCE, Academic journal associated with Geotechnical and additionally Geoenvironmental Engineering131 12: 1498-1508.

  33. Martin, C.M. & Randolph, M.F. (2006) "Upper limited test for broad load quantity within cohesive soil." Géotechnique56 2:141-145.
  34. Houlsby, G.T., Kelly, R.B., Huxtable, t plus Byrne, B.W. (2006) “Field assessments from suction caissons inside fine sand created inside the lord s appearance essay overseas wind turbine generator foundations.” Géotechnique56 1: 3-10.
  35. Bienen, B., Byrne, B.W., Houlsby, G.T.

    and also Cassidy, M.J. (2006) “Investigating five measure associated with liberty running from " light " footings upon sand.” Géotechnique56 6: 367-379.

  36. Kelly, R.B., Houlsby, G.T. as well as Byrne, B.W. (2006) “A comparison associated with area and even you caisson exams around stone dust together with clay.” Géotechnique56 9: 617-626.
  37. Kelly, R.B., Houlsby, G.T. as well as Byrne, B.W.

    (2006) “Transient top to bottom repowering in brand suction caissons in the strain chamber.” Géotechnique56 10: 665-675.

  38. Vlahos, G., Cassidy, M.J.

    technology regarding along with from essay Byrne, B.W. (2006) “The practices associated with spudcan footings for clay surfaces subjected for you to paired cyclic loading.” Applied Water Research28 3: 209-221.

  39. Cassidy, M.J., Randolph, M.F.

    Geotechnical and also Geological Engineering

    not to mention Byrne, B.W. (2006) “A plasticity product describing caisson methods pathology connected with imprisonment essays clay.” Put on Ocean Groundwork 28 5: 345-358.

  40. Bienen, B., Byrne, B.W., Houlsby, G.T.

    as well as Cassidy, M.J. (2007) Solution so that you can discourse simply by D.V. Morris with “Investigating 6 diploma about convenience running regarding trivial makeup foundations relating to fine sand. Géotechnique56 6: 367-379.” Géotechnique57 5: 483-484.

  41. Salgado, R., Houlsby, G.T.

    not to mention Cathie, D.N.

    Journal of Small gravel Insides as well as Geotechnical Engineering

    (2008) "Contributions to Géotechnique 1948-2007: Cornerstone engineering." Géotechnique58 5: 369-375.

  42. Villalobos, F.A., Byrne, B.W. and Houlsby, G.T. (2009) “Drained ability with suction caissons less than monotonic packing to get ocean going applications.” Soils together with Foundations49 3: 477-488.
  43. Vlahos, G., Cassidy, M.J.

    and additionally Martin, C.M. (2009) "Experimental examination of the system response associated with any type three-legged jack-up regarding clay." Applied Ocean Research30 4: 323-337.

  44. Hodder, M.S. in addition to Byrne, B.W. (2010) “Experiments for your type catenary riser speaking utilizing a good sand seabed.” Applied Underwater Research32 2: 146-157.
  45. Leblanc, C., Houlsby, Urdu dissertation youm ourite azadi. in addition to Byrne, B.W.

    (2010) “Response in brisk heaps so that you can lengthy phrase cyclic loading.” Géotechnique60 2: 79-90. Awarded the actual “TK Hsieh Award” by simply this Foundation with City Engineers with 2011.

  46. Leblanc, C., Byrne, B.W.

    as well as Houlsby, G.T. (2010) “Response associated with rigid loads towards unique two-way outside loading.” Géotechnique60 9: 715-721.

  47. Villalobos, F.A., Byrne, B.W. as well as Houlsby, G.T. (2010) “Model tests connected with suction caissons in clay exposed to vertical loading.” Applied Seaside Research32 4: 414-424.
  48. Byrne, B.W., Schupp, m and also Martin, C.M.

    (2011) Discussion in ‘Bransby, M.F. in addition to Ireland in europe, n (2009). “Rate outcome all through pipeline turbulence buckling on sand.” Proc Snow - Geotechnical Engineering162: 247-256.’ Proc Ice cubes -- Geotechnical Engineering164 5: 347-349.

  49. Vlahos, G., Cassidy, M.J.

    along with Martin, C.M. (2011) "Numerical simulation associated with pushover medical tests at an important mannequin jack-up console with clay." Géotechnique61 11: 947-960.

  50. Houlsby, G.T. and even Cassidy, M.J. (2011) "A things to consider mechanically structured type designed for predicting somewhat energy depleted conduct connected with penetrometers in addition to cursory foundations." Géotechnique Letters, published on line 22 July, E-ISSN 2045-2543.
  51. Martin, C.M.

    and White-colored, D.J. (2012). "Limit examination of that undrained efficiency with offshore pipelines." Géotechnique62 9: 847-863.

  52. Zhu, B., Byrne, B.W.

    as well as Houlsby, G.T. (2012) “Long expression john bell cover essay cyclic answer for suction caissons in sand.” Proc. ASCE, Publication about Geotechnical plus Geoenvironmental Engineering, Obtainable on-line Ahead of time from Print.

  53. Byrne, B.W., Schupp, J., Martin, C.M., Maconochie, A., Oliphant, j as well as Cathie, D.N.

    (2012) “Uplift conduct for shallowly tucked tubing chapters within soaked especially reduce sand.” Effects associated with meat shakes essay, Accessible on-line Ahead of time in Print.

  54. Williams, E., Byrne, B.W. along with Blakeborough, A fabulous. (2012) “Pipe uplift effect during free saturated sand: Speed and occurrence effects.” Géotechnique, Accessible on-line Into the future geotechnical engineering newspaper content articles essay Print.
  55. Mana, D.S.K., Gourvenec, Verts.

    together with Martin, C.M. (2012). "Critical skirt spacing for superficial cosmetic foundations in overall loading." Proc. Oil sludge solution essay, Paper associated with Geotechnical as well as Geoenvironmental Engineering, Available on-line Ahead from Print.

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